Emerging Markets Economy: Prospects & Challenges

The 300 Mill. market of Former Soviet Union Countries creates new opportunities for global businesses. This is the theme of BIA Forum 2019, which will bring together FSU leaders from leading sectors to highlight investment opportunities in each country, prospective investors and IFIs to get a better insight of doing business in FSU environment and high-rank  experts to share experience how to accelerate economic development via wealth management and family offices. In this context, BIA Forum will convene over 500 key leaders from more than 15 countries to enable collaboration on the most promising challenges facing the region. The stakeholder landscape encompasses high-level participants from the regional investment community, including  heads of government, ministers, executives of global companies, sovereign wealth  fund managers, heads of  investment promotion agencies, international organizations, diplomatic missions, and association representatives. BIA Forum will consist of forums and exhibition.
The programme will revolve around the following thematic pillars:

• Regional Economy and Investment Opportunities in Former Soviet Union Countries •
• Private & Venture Capital Investment Perspectives in FSU countries •
• Family Office and Wealth management for FSU countries •
• Lease Finance Opportunities in Emerging markets •

June 19 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm in The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi
Benefit from Business Meetings
What Motivated to Join BIA Forum...

Mr. Richard Wilson
Chairman of Family Office Club

“I was motivated to join because the most progress is always made by thinking in new ways, finding gaps in the marketplace, identifying new trends and I see this being the case in coming to Georgia.  I’m happy to bring over best practices from clients here, but also learn how families there are managing their wealth and what can be learned by both approaches.  I also believe there will be heavy investment in the region over the medium term moving forward so I want to be on top of that trend, aware of the changes, and knowledgable about the region for clients we serve in the area or who want to allocate into the country.  Many times I have seen great family wealth created by taking what works in London, the U.S. or another location and then bringing it to Russia, Brazil, Dubai or elsewhere. “

Ms. Agnieszka Cenzartowicz
Partner of SWC Group
“The Caucasus region still hides its great potential, and one has to come here to acknowledge it. I came to Tbilisi a few years ago and  since than I keep visiting the city.  Here you can actually see the ongoing successful reform process in Georgia, new approach to a traditional energy economy in Azerbaijan, increasing role of a civil society in Armenia, and overall the key role of the whole region. Geographic and climate advantages, transcontinental transportation perspective, rich natural resources and still not fully discovered great human resources: everything is here and just a bit of financing would benefit many people. ”   

Mr. Zafar Mustafaev
CEO of JSC UzbekLeasing International
General Director of Uzbekistan Lessors Association
“It’s an honor to participate in such a prestigious Forum with serious and authoritative participants. This Forum will give a chance to become acquainted and find cooperation opportunities with its participants.”

What Motivated to Join BIA Forum...

MR. Scott Osheroff
CIO AFC Uzbekistan Fund
“FSU countries are under-invested into relative to frontier and emerging markets in South and Southeast Asia where our other funds primarily focus. FSU countries are beginning to gain more attraction due to BRI inter connectivity and low valuations. I was motivated to join the BIA FORUM in order to meet other individuals interested in this region and find new ways to contribute to the region’s economic growth.”

Ms. Olga Afanasyeva
Executive Director, Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association
“Ukraine and Georgia can develop very effective bilateral relations. Our countries have high economic potential that can be united, and I believe that the development of strategic partnership between our countries will be the driving force in that. I hope that my participation at  BIA Forum will help us to build a strong community with other national associations and investors.

Recently, UVCA released the annual Ukrainian venture capital and private equity overview and figures indicate a growth in the market. In addition, I would like to focus on the problems faced by the investor and suggest some solutions. I am sure that within the framework of the discussion we will be able to find answers to many questions that trouble investors in our countries.”

Mr. Maurice Beckand Verwee
Founder of Crosspring B.V.
Crosspring invests in the Eastern European region because of the potential of the companies and their teams. We see many relevant people from the region coming to the BIA Forum hence we can catch up with our network and expand our network in the region. We will be part of the panel VC investments: opportunities and Challenges. Here we will share our insights about the region as investors. We see there is a lot of tech talent, but the marketing and sales needs more attention. We will also share our insights in softlanding in other European countries when opening sales offices.”

Mr. Aram Mkhitaryan
Director, of Agroleasing Leasing Credit Company
“As BIA Forum has already good comments from previous years, and I am interested to attend the forum for innovative global trends in microfinance and also to meet colleges from international companies.”

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