Bia Investment Forum 2017

Bia Investment Forum: Georgian Economy - Prospects and Challenges
March 20, 2017

Bia organized International Investment Forum: “Georgian Economy – Prospects and Challenges” at the Radisson BLU Iveria Hotel in Tbilisi Georgia on March 20, 2017. The forum brought together over 450 delegates, investors, businessmen, government representatives and international organizations interested in questions concerning Georgia’s economy and the region, to discuss the following: an overview of the current and perspective opportunities and challenges for the national and regional economy. The forum consisted of 11 panel session, which on one hand served raising awareness of Georgia as an attractive country for business for foreign guests and demonstrating investment and infrastructural opportunities as well as existing tax and legal environment in the country; on the other hand, sharing global experience with local businesses in terms of economic opportunities, venture capital funds, leading credit rating companies, wealth management, and capital markets.

Mr. Aieti Kukava, CEO BIA stated that: “This forum aimed at underscoring advantages of Georgia not only from the perspective of the local businessmen and the government, but that of foreign experts and regional managers of the largest international organizations, who have the experience to assess reality objectively. The projects and opportunities presented during the forum, are unique not only for Georgia, but in the regional terms as well.”

Up to 100 B2B meetings were organized with foreign investors, representatives of investment banks, and entrepreneurs through support of BIA and Alliance Group Holding. Georgian companies had an opportunity to showcase own business, develop export channels, and establish long terms relations with foreign companies.

A shop fest was organized within the scope of the BIA Forum where Georgian businesses were represented with exclusive deals.  Over 400 delegates of the forum and interested persons had the opportunity to benefit from exclusive offers during the shop fest. The Platinum Sponsor of BIA forum was King David Residence, which has invested approximately 70 million in Georgia. Pasha Bank was a forum partner.

On the second day of the forum, BIA provided business tours for foreign delegates at the “Georgian Beer Company” and Georgian cognac producer company “Sarajishvili.”

The forum was closed by a gala dinner, where foreign guests had a chance to get acquainted with famous Georgian cuisine and folk heritage.


Mr. Dimitry Kumsishvili
First Vice-Prime Minister of Georgia, Minister of Finances
“The forum organized by the Business Information Agency is very important for our country, because this is a platform that gives us an opportunity to showcase the ongoing processes in the country and the reforms that are being administered in Georgia as well as the pipeline projects. Our country is distinguished by its business climate and opportunities that we give investors and whoever is interested in Georgia, which is located on the border of Europe and Asia. This is a country, that has signed unique trade agreements with Europe and Asia while also having a lot of untapped energy potential as well as capacity to develop production and service sectors.”

Ms. Mercy Tembon
Regional Director for the South Caucasus, World Bank
“It’s a forum where people share ideas, about what’s possible, what opportunities are and what the challenges are. As I said in my presentation Georgia is a fertile ground for business because it has a government that is reform oriented, they’ve put in place reforms in, fiscal and structure reforms that have actually liberalized economy, they have very much improved business environment, they have made resources available, the banking sector is well capitalized. So this is really fertile ground for business people to come to Georgia and invest in Georgia. And I think it is important to hold the forum like this where we actually put all of this on the table and motivate investors.”

Mr. Luke Franson
Head of Green Lending, responsibility, Swiss
“It is necessary to keep balance between regulations and trust towards business and Georgia has a fairly good position in this regard. Investors look at the Georgian market with trust. The main question now, is how will Georgia achieve becoming a regional player? We are financing nut production companies in the country and we give advantage to those, who have access to export markets. European consumers look at unknown brands with skepticism. However, Georgian production truly has a chance”.

Mr. Anand Chandani
Regional director EECCA / MENA, responsibility, France
“We are looking for developing markets and Georgia is one of them. We have invested over 100 million in Georgia and we are seeking new projects and banking partners. We focus on renewable energy, because we consider that Georgia has big potential in this direction.”


Mr. Zachary Lawrence
Founding Member, Venture Ohio, USA
“I think it’s incredible testament of … well power of everybody within the investing and entrepreneurial community and the government to realize the reason of the opportunity to not only build beautiful things but provide economic development through innovation and through innovation economy and putting in place the building blocks for the innovation economy through the work of BIA, through the work of Government efforts, through the work of Georgian venture capital association. I think these gone be key elements so I was excited to get a chance to participate and share my experience through working with both entrepreneurs and investors to help build great companies and build networks with investors.”

Mr. George Akirtava
Vice President Wells Fargo, United States
„This event has great importance in terms of raising Georgia’s economic recognition, especially in the United States, so we can attract investors from there. This is the essence of business, to grow capital and let the local businesses become popular not only in Georgia but around the entire world as well”

Ms. Elena Eliseyenko
Branch Head, Russia, CIS, S&P Global Ratings
“I’ve been visiting Georgia for a long time and it’s very interesting to see how the economy is developing. We at S&P look at sovereign rating of Georgia and as you know it is BB- rating , so the analyst come here regularly to talk to government officials to have rating meetings with all the parties that need to be involved. So each year, twice a year, in May and November we will be updating our sovereign rating on Georgia. Forum is very important for Georgian economy, it brings together several parties that make capital markets work, it brings together the investors who will bring funding, who will make countries economy move, it brings together rating agencies which can give investors independent opinion on the creditworthiness of the corporates, banks, municipalities, government. It also shows local market participants, what their stakeholders are on this market. Our main purpose is market education.”

Bia Investment Forum 2017
Forum Sponsors

PASHA Bank is a Baku-based financial institution operating in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, providing corporate and investment banking services large and medium-sized enterprises. 

AGH is a leading company in the field of investment advisory services that aims to invest in the prospective projects and create long-term added value for its customers, shareholders, its employees and local economy.

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