Established in 2006, Alliance Group Capital (AGC) is an investment company, which offers M&A, strategic advisory and capital raising services to firms interested in growth opportunities and accomplishing optimum efficiency of operations.

Alliance Group Capital is a subsidiary company of JSC Alliance Group Holding, established in 2005 by Georgian, American and European Shareholders. The company manages diversified businesses in Financial, Investment and Consulting sectors, Leasing, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Business Information and Credit Ratings.

Alliance Group Capital works to utilize all available resources in exceeding expectations of clients. AGC has successful relations with local and international financial institutions. It has won the strategic competitive advantages on the market in developing sophisticated investment banking services by maintaining leading position in M&A sector.

In 2014, AGC became the first investment and consulting company in Caucasus that joined GLOBALSCOPE Partners – Globally prominent international M&A network which main function is to connect all the investment banks and financial institutions of 39 countries from all continents, with the local businesses. Being the sole member of GLOBALSCOPE international M&A network, enables AGC to assist local companies in acquisition, divestment, sale and restructuring international joint ventures or licensing initiatives.

AGC is the preeminent company in investment, consulting and M&A sector that benefits the companies to:

  • Attract the capital and widen international business partner network
  • Develop business projects with 90% financing guarantee
  • Increase the value and profitability of the business
  • Acquire, sell and restructure joint ventures
  • Develop the strategy, strategic plan and organizational structure of the company
  • Attract the new sources of financing
  • Issue corporate bonds and attract investors to buy the bonds