TBC Leasing

TBC Leasing

TBC Leasing was founded by TBC Bank in 2003 and is a leading leasing company in Georgia with the share of over 70% (based on the information shared among 3 leasing companies). The company’s portfolio has exceeded 120 M GEL in 2017 with over 800 customers (both legal entities and individuals) and about 1,500 active leasing agreements. There are 72 people employed in the company.

TBC Leasing clients are SMEs from medical, printing, transportation, manufacturing, service, trade, agriculture, construction and other sectors across Georgia. The company is actively involved in government projects, like “Produce in Georgia” and “Cheap Agro-Leasing”. Starting in 2015 TBC Leasing is actively entering car-financing segment. The process started with signing general agreements with almost 15 official auto-dealers in Tbilisi in 2016.

TBC Leasing has recently made several major changes throughout the company:

  • The company moved to a new head-office on Chavchavadze Ave. 80;
  • Created new brand named “Starto” – secondary car-financing for individuals: the first retail product for the company
  • Launched Fleet financing product (full-service operational leasing both for legal entities and individuals)
  • Attracted cheaper and more diversified funding from international financial institutions and issued 3 M USD private bond;
  • Created risk analysis division and revised credit risk policy which enabled the company to improve its overall portfolio quality;

The company’s mission is to lead the market by providing leasing solutions and premium advisory services to companies and individuals, thus improving customer experience and making it easier for them to invest in capital assets. Its mission is promoting smart, innovative and modern technologies to create sustainable value in Georgia.

Company’s long-term strategy consists of four main goals:

  1. Turning into a high-tech company: offering high level digital services and innovativeproducts;
  2. Becoming more socially consciousmainly by suggesting eco-friendly solutions;
  3. Being a quality-service providerby developing premium advisory services for leasing customers;
  4. Over all maintaining market leadership by launching new products tailored for customer needs;