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Welcome to BIA Forum page and many thanks for expressing interest towards our activities. BIA has established itself as an innovative and growing company in the business information field. BIA is the sole Georgian provider of business information to the international risk management companies and investors. BIA works with globally renowned companies in the business information field such as D&B, Kompass, Interfax, IGK AG. In addition, BIA provides local companies with reliable information through its international partners.

We have the honor to invite you to one-day Exhibition forum, which aims to bring together at least 500 chief executives to create a platform for communication between foreign suppliers and companies to direct sales and open many opportunities for both local and international businesses.

Be a part of a worldwide Exhibition and show your commitment to develop the whole economy of the region. We hope your business will benefit from the exhibition and enhance further development.

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Aieti Kukava
Mr. Aieti Kukava
    • Mr. Tsotne Kavlashvili
      Deputy Minister of Finance of Georgia & Head of Treasury Service
      Nowadays Tsotne Kavlashvili is a Deputy Minister of Finance of Georgia. In 2013 he was a Head of Treasury Service of Georgia. During 2008-2012 he was Deputy Head of Budget Department, Ministry of Finance of Georgia.
      During 2005-2006 he was Assistant to Expert within Railway Restructuring Support Project. He graduated Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in 2006, Masters degree in Economics and Business. He has BA in Economics at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Mr. Kavlashvili is Married and has three children.
      Mr. Aieti Kukava
      CEO of JSC Bia
      Mr. Kukava has more than twenty-year-experience working in the banking and finances sectors in Georgia and abroad. In 2004, together with four leading commercial banks and an international partner, he established the first credit bureau in Georgia.
      Mr. Kukava received his MBA degree at Clark University, Massachusetts, USA in 2002. After the graduation he moved back to Georgia, inspired by ideas of fulfilling his seven year plan to establish diversified financial services company.
      In 2005, Mr. Kukava founded JSC Alliance Group Holding and since then has headed the company as Chief Executive Officer. He is also founder of charitable organization “Ardza”.
      Mr. Kukava[s current positions include: CEO of JSV BIA; Chairman of Leasing Association and GM of Alliance Group Leasing.
      David Lawrence Lee
      Chief Executive Officer, European Business Association Georgia
      Came to Georgia in February of 2004 and was the CEO of Magticom, the largest telecommunications company on Georgia, until the end of 2016 and President of American Chamber of Commerce from 2008 until 2012. He is currently the CEO of Lee LLC and Chairman of the Europe Foundation and CRRC. David has an MBA from Warwick Business School, qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG and speaks Georgian and Russian. A former Royal Navy Officer, he has led companies in developing markets since 1990.
      Ms. Mariana Morgoshia
      CEO of Enterprise Georgia
      Since her appointment as Director of the Agricultural Projects Management Agency in 2014, Ms. Mariana Morgoshia has been leading numerous agriculture development projects across Georgia. Her main responsibilities include managing the lifecycle of the projects from the initiation up to the launch as well as monitoring and evaluating the ongoing and completed projects in line with the global strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia.
      Ms. Morgoshia has 16 years of experience in senior roles across business sectors - leading insurance, HR and deposits’ projects at an international bank, implementing IT systems and process optimization schemes; managing marketing, public relations, human resources and quality control directions at various private companies (2007 – 2014).
      Ms. Nato Toronjadze
      Deputy CEO, TBC Leasing
      Ms. Nato Toronjadze became a student of Georgian-American Universityin 2007 and 7 years later obtained bachelors and subsequent masters degrees in Quantitative Financial Analysis.
      Since 2009 Ms. Toronjadze became a member of TBC Leasing Group by holding the position of the credit department assistant. Over the past 8 years, she has been the greatest contributor in the development and market leadership position maintenance by TBC Leasing. After taking the positions of the risks manager, head of the credit department, operational director and risks director, in 2015 Ms. Toronjadze was appointed as a Deputy CEO and as of today she first-handedly leads the commercial and asset management departments.
      Consequently, to her managerial activities as the head of the credit department, Ms. Toronjadze and other team members earned the company portfolio up to 130 million laris while its market share exceeded 70%. As a result of her personal initiative and leadership TBC Leasing introduced new products, its internal processes have been developed and the risk management system has been significantly strengthened.
      Ms. Gvantsa Gvichia
      Head of AG Leasing Department
      Ms. Gvichia graduated from Tbilisi State University, School of Economics, BBA in 2004, MBA in 2006, BBA in Law in 2004 from Tbilisi State University. From 2011, is a PhD scholar at Caucasus University. At the same time, has passed ACCA and other Certified Programs in management and finance.
      Gvantsa has worked in banking sector as a loan expert since 2007, she has started her career in leasing in 2007. She joined AGL as a Head of SME Leasing Unit in 2010 and promoted to the Head of Leasing Department in 2011.
      Simultaneously, Gvantsa has teaching experience at several business schools and has executed several consulting projects.
      Mr. George Jgharkava
      Chief Commercial Officer at Georgian Leasing Company
      George Jgharkava has been holding the position of Chief Commercial Officer at Georgian Leasing Company since May 15, 2015. He has been working in the banking sector since 2006, and from 2010 he was managing Credit, Retail and Corporate Banking Departments at JSC Kor Standard Bank.
      He also has successful experience in business consulting and strong skills in crisis management. In 2012, George Jgharkava received Master’s degree from Free University of Tbilisi and BP Project Management College. In 2014 he earned an M.B.A from Free University of Tbilisi.
      Ms. Tamara Archuadze
      Deputy Director ICAO National Safety Oversight Coordinator Georgian Civil Aviation Agency (GCAA)
      Ms. Archuadze has been in aviation sector since 1998. She worked for Civil Aviation Agency on various positions during 2011-2014, before that Ms. Archuadze has a broad working experience on various positions in United Transport Administration during 2010-2011, as a chief of the aeronautical information department in Sakaeronavigatsia during 2007-2010.
      Ms. Tamar Archuadze graduated from Aviation Institute of Georgian Technical University. Also she has attended Airports Development Program at "Special American Business Internship Program" (SABIT) organized by US International Trade Administration (2009) and construction quality and safety management program at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
      Mr. Romain Lana
      Sales Manager Europe Region, Global Business & Services,
      Mr. Romain Lana graduated from Institute Universitaire de Technologie Aix en Provence, techniques de Commercialisation, in 2004. Schulich school in Business, BBA in Business Administration, International Trade in 2005 and Institut d’Administration des Entreprises Aix en Province, MA in Management des activites de services in 2007.
      He Started working in Airbus group as a Strategic buyer in 2005 and became offers & Contracts manager of Airbus Defence and Space -Intelligence in 2008. He was promoted in 2012 as a pricing manager of Airbus Helicopters and since 2016 has been working as a Regional Sales Manager Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
      Mr. Kim Tjoa
      Co-Founder,FLOOW2 World’s Reset Button
      Kim graduated from the University of Amsterdam in Dutch and International law in 1991. And was active in the legal profession between 1994 en 2004. In 2004, he decided to switch to entrepreneurship and became active as an interim lawyer until 2012. Kim became one of the founders of FLOOW2 in January of 2012.
      Since 2012, Kim has been a leader in the developments of the sharing economy. He follows the trends within the movement intently and applies them to the aspect of a sharing economy that he is specialized in: business-to-business asset sharing. Kim leads the FLOOW2 organisation based on his beliefs about the shift to a new economy: a circular economy. He believes strongly that we are moving from a lineair to a circular economy.
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